Smart EV Chargers – Making The Connection

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Commercial property owners are always looking for ways to attract and keep residents. Many property owners and managers are looking to EV chargers as one of the answers. EV drivers want to be able to plug in and charge at home or the office. Property owners want a charging infrastructure that is easy and intuitive for everyone to use.

Installing smart EV chargers is a solution, but what makes them different from a traditional charging infrastructure?

How Smart EV Chargers Differ from Basic Chargers

Smart chargers and basic EV chargers share several similarities, especially when it comes to installation. The primary difference between the two types is smart chargers also use an internet connection. Unlike basic units, connected EV chargers can share information between each other and the hub.

It is one of the many advantages, but there are also a few drawbacks you need to know before installing smart EV chargers on your property.

Wi-Fi Connections

Using Wi-Fi connections is a convenient way to link your smart chargers. You can connect the chargers to a local router like Noodoe’s EV OS. The operating system tracks energy usage and payments, but there is a downside to using a Wi-Fi connection.

The connections can be slow and unreliable. It irritates residents and visitors while also making it harder for you to manage the charging infrastructure. Instead of using an inexpensive, basic router look for one with commercial properties. It can handle extensive use and will reboot automatically if a problem occurs. Your EV smart chargers will keep working seamlessly, keeping residents satisfied.

Sim Card

Newer connect EV chargers come with SIM card slots. Using a SIM card is more reliable than some Wi-Fi networks. It’s also easy to install a Sim card reader. How it works is simple. EV drivers insert their Sim cards into the slot and pay for the charge through their personal accounts.

You will need a reliable internet connection to use a SIM card reader. Unless you set the chargers to accept various payment methods, a SIM card also limits access to your chargers.

With smart EV chargers you have a variety of options for payment. Our Noodoe EV OS allows you to accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay as well as EV charger codes, vouchers, and even discount codes. Learn more here


Property owners looking for a secure and stable connection might want to consider using ethernet. It’s also easy to install and set up. All you need is to run the ethernet cable beside the infrastructure’s grounding and power cables.


Using Wi-Fi, SIM cards or the ethernet all require an internet connection, but it may not work for your property.

Noodoe smart EV chargers are different. You can connect the chargers to a gateway or on-site router using a Sim card to connect to the internet. You get a consistently strong signal, even with chargers located farther away. A mixed-mode method makes it easier to install the infrastructure and gives you more options on EV charger placement.

Smart Chargers Hardware, Software, and Installation

When it comes to your EV OS you don’t want to choose a system that doesn’t support your charging infrastructure. We offers a cloud-based operating system that works with all of our AC and DC chargers. The hardware and software are installed together for a smoothly operating EV charging system.

Connected EV Chargers Support (EV OS)

You want an EV operating system that’s efficient and user-friendly. This accurately describes our Noodoe EV OS. The operating system has training for new users. It also automatically processes transactions, analyzes data, and recovers charging stations when needed. It eliminates the need for staff to manage the EV charging network.

The Bottom Line for Smart EV Chargers

Smart EV chargers are a game-changer for commercial properties. They can connect all of the chargers to one operating system. Your workload is lighter since the operating system automates several functions, including tracking energy usage and processing payments.

When you are ready to learn more about connected EV chargers, we are here to help. To speak with an Apogee Charging Solutions expert about smart EV charging stations, call 484-816-2076, email [email protected], or you can schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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