EV Chargers for Employees – Is This a Necessity?

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Businesses are always looking for new ways to attract and retain talent. One method is offering office perks, but companies also want to maintain their bottom line.

An easy and cost-effective way to keep your modern workforce happy is by offering EV charging for employees. Staff members can charge their vehicles while they’re working, keeping them happy and boosting productivity.

Why EV Chargers for the Workplace Make Sense

There are plenty of reasons why it makes sense for businesses to offer EV chargers for employees in their parking lots.

Employee Perk

Your employees often deal with challenging commutes. While you can’t make the drive into work easier, you can make sure employee vehicles are ready to go at the end of the day. Providing EV charging for employees also comes with a few benefits.

  • Productivity increases when employees aren’t worried about finding a charging station. They can focus on their tasks, knowing their vehicle is charging in the parking lot. Encouraging your workforce to drive EVs can also shorten their commute. Several states, including California, allow electric vehicles to use the HOV (high-vehicle occupancy) lanes even when there is only a single driver.
  • Installing EV chargers for employees results in happier staff. Your workforce feels like the company cares about them when they can charge their EVs on the job. Happy employees are also satisfied ones that are less likely to leave the company. It’s easier to retain top talent when you have EV chargers for employee use.

Installing EV charging infrastructure at the workplace also shows you care about the environment. Companies that reduce their carbon footprint tend to have increased employee loyalty.

There are 4 main reasons why we are seeing businesses installing EV chargers in the workplace. In our latest eBook; 4 Reasons Workplace Charging is Essential, we take an in-depth look at green credits and sustainability initiatives, financial incentives, and so much more.

Energy Rebates and Other Financial Incentives

Installing EV charging stations at the workplace often comes with rebates and other financial incentives. The rebates vary depending on your location, but the incentives can help offset installation costs giving you a faster return on the investment.

Promote Sustainability and Support the Shift Towards Electric Vehicles

Climate change is a common conversation as the world is moving towards a more sustainable future. Businesses of any size can do their part to reduce carbon emissions in their communities by providing EV charging for employees.

Installing a charging infrastructure not only shows you are invested in the environment, but it can also be the push some people need to make the switch to electric vehicles.

It Gets Your Business Noticed

Digital technology is commonplace and it’s necessary for the success of a business. EV chargers for the workplace not only benefit your employees, but also your customers.

Your EV chargers can help you keep customers looking for environmentally-friendly brands. It can also help you attract and retain new ones.

Your EV chargers can be connected to apps drivers use to find nearby charging stations. Your business will appear on the search results, enticing potential new customers to give your business a try. You may even become known as the community charging hub.

Adding Charging Stations for the Workplace

Adding charging stations to the workplace has several benefits that include attracting and retaining talent. The infrastructure can also bring in new customers and increase brand loyalty in your existing ones.

Are you ready to install EV chargers for your employees? Apogee Charging Solutions offers national fully turn-key EV charging solutions customized to fit our clients specific needs.  Contact us today and learn how we can help, by calling 484-816-2076, emailing [email protected], or schedule a call this fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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