Subway Creates An “EV Charging Oasis” for Customers

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The global sandwich franchise, Subway, is doing their part to limit climate change by improving their sustainability efforts. Starting in 2023, they will be installing EV charging stations at select locations across the country. One aspect of their plan is to install fast charging stations at new or recently remodeled locations. They also have goals for “Subway EV charging oasis.” This oasis will be similar to an outdoor park or rest stop complete with playgrounds, restrooms, Wi-fi, EV charging stations, and picnic tables at select restaurant locations. This isn’t the first time Subway has taken part in sustainable efforts. In 2011, they opened eco-restaurants that were designed to limit the amount of waste being produced.

Many businesses are installing EV charging stations at their locations. It provides additional amenities to patrons that are stopping and can attract new customers to stop at their location. While customers are charging their vehicles, they can make purchases at the retail store or sit down and eat at the restaurant. Adding EV charging stations can even increase visibility of the surrounding community and improve brand image by promoting that the business is environmentally friendly. EV charging stations can even improve the work life of employees by allowing them to charge while they are working.

Implementing EV charging stations to a business also adds another stream of revenue to their profits. EV charging stations can open the door to new business opportunities and can make the business stable to the community by providing charging stations availability to the surrounding area.

Click here to read the full article, originally published February 21, 2023, by Electrek.


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