New Program in Oregon Provides Funds for EV Grants

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There are organizations in Oregon that are offering grants for EV charging stations to be installed throughout the state. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is putting forth $15 million to the Zero-Emissions Fueling Infrastructure Grant for businesses looking to electrify their medium to heavy-duty fleets. The federal government is even allocating funds to go towards local community grants to help lower income communities with EV charging stations and private parking spots to charge their EVs. The Oregon Coast Visitors Association has projects in the works to help tourism towns throughout the state to improve their EV charging availability and climate change goals.

Depending on a facility’s electric capabilities, EV charging station installation can be costly. A huge way building owners can offset those costs is by using financial incentives. The government from local to federal offers a variety of financial incentives, such as grants and tax credits, as a way to stimulate the EV charging market and influence more people to install EV charging stations at their businesses, facility, or home.

The federal government recently signed into legislation the Inflation Reduction Act, which includes an extension on EV charger tax credits. There are specific requirements businesses or prospective charging station managers must meet in order to acquire the tax credits. There’re many different places that people can look for grants and financial incentives. Aside from the federal government, some states and local communities offer grants to those installing charging stations. There are even private grants or incentives that can be acquired through utility companies.

Click here to read the full article, originally published November 30, 2022, by The News Guard.


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