How Many EV Charging Stations Do I Need?

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Installing EV charging stations on commercial properties has a lot of benefits for businesses and the environment. But deciding on the number of chargers is a difficult question for property owners and managers to answer. You want to have enough EV chargers to meet the current and near future EV markets. The number of electric vehicles on the road is increasing and so is the need for charging stations.

Thankfully, you can successfully implement an EV charging station project by using a few simple strategies.

How Many EV Charging Stations Do I Need in Today’s Market?

Despite the global pandemic and other financial uncertainties, 2021 EV sales were at record numbers. Tesla, Volkswagen, and Ford are producing new electric vehicles that are generating major interest among new consumers.

One in every ten vehicles sold in California is electric. Three percent of U.S. car sales are for electric vehicles.

Rising EV sales indicate a need for a more robust charging infrastructure.

Predicting the Future EV Market

It’s impossible to predict the future, but you can make plans. EV sales are rising, and analysts expect the trend to continue. With states banning the sale of new gas-powered vehicles in the near future, businesses want to ensure they will be able to meet the growing demand.

Analysts predict that by 2025, an estimated 2,000,000 EVs will be on the road. It accounts for around 12% of vehicles nationwide. By 2030, an estimated 4,700,000 Americans will be driving EVs which account for around 30% of all vehicles.

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Take a Survey

Some property owners and managers may want to take a survey of their tenants, employees, customers, etc. The goal is to get a general idea of how many people own or are planning on purchasing an electric vehicle.

The survey gives you a baseline of how many EV charging stations you need. Apogee Charging Solutions has customized surveys that you can send to your tenants, employees, and customers. For more information on our surveys, please email [email protected].

Install an EV Infrastructure That’s Ready for the Future

Not all properties have EV installation budgets large enough to cover the future EV market. An easy solution is installing EV-ready infrastructure.

The installation has everything but the charging station. The underground cables and electrical panel are ready to accept new EV chargers. When you are ready to add more EV chargers, our contractor installs the hardware without having to dig up the pavement or upgrade the electrical panel.

It’s a cost-effective solution that ensures you are ready to meet current and future EV charging demands.

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