Hot Weather Can Have Lasting Effect on EV Range

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Studies have shown that EV car batteries can experience excess degradation faster in hot weather. According to a battery health analysis done by Recurrent, the weather and where you park can have an impact on the health of your electric vehicle. In a test done using 2020 Tesla Model Ys, EV ranges were kept in different parts of the country and divided into four weather conditions: humid hot, dry hot, very cold, and subarctic. The results showed that the vehicles kept in the cold maintained their EV range better than the vehicles being kept in hot weather.

Managing the health of an EV battery can be a new experience for those who switched from ICE’s. heat can add extra stressors to the chemical reactions in EV vehicles. This affects the longevity of the EV and EV range. If driving in hotter climates, it’s recommended to try parking the car in a garage or shade. If the car is going to be in direct sunlight, then leave it halfway charged because the battery is more stable half charged than it is fully charged. For those living in hot climates, trying an LFP battery is known to withstand hot temperatures better or leaving it plugged in when not in use. For some vehicles, leaving it plugged in activates the battery cooling process at a lower temperature. It’s also best to make sure the car has a thermal management system.

Cold weather does not have the same effects on the car and its battery has hot climates do. It can cause temporary issues, but they aren’t always permanent. Range loss from cold weather is due to the amount of energy it will take to heat up the engine and the interior while driving.

Click here to read the full article, originally published September 18, 2023, by Recurrent.


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