What to Do About Disposing EV Car Batteries

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A main concern for EV drivers is what happens to the old batteries after they die and are EV batteries able to get recycled. The car batteries for EV models can vary depending on if the vehicle is a hybrid or solely electric. Either way, they must be disposed of properly and cannot be thrown away in the regular trash can. Some parts of EV batteries can be recycled. When a battery is disposed of by auto professionals, they’re sent to be dismantled and broken down to their parts. Some materials in the batteries, like metals and plastics, are purified and then sent off to be recycled into other batteries.

Honda and Toyota are already on track for recycling lithium-ion EV batteries. Both companies have made commitments to reduce their carbon footprint. Toyota North America has teamed up with Redwood Materials to create a “closed-loop electric vehicle battery ecosystem.” Their focus is to find new ways to reuse old battery parts and try to recycle them into new EV batteries. Meanwhile, Honda Motors is teaming up with Ascend Elements Inc to procure resources for making recycled EV batteries. This is a part of Honda’s Triple Action ZERO concept to aim for zero environmental impact by 2050, which was established in 2011.

For an ICE car battery, they cannot be disposed of in the trash and need to be taken to recycling plants or the places that sell car battery replacements will often take the old one back and dispose of it themselves.

Click here to read the full article, originally published June 10, 20223, by Car and Driver.


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