Fleet Electrification – Partnership Considerations

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EVs (electric vehicles) are the future, and it is rapidly approaching. Fleets transitioning from fossil fuels to electric power face challenges that can be mitigated with a strong partnership between internal team members and your external EV charger solution provider.

We have the insights to help make transitioning to electric fleet vehicles a smooth and successful process.

Your Internal Team Players

As the company owner or manager, you make the final decisions. However, you need key players that provide you with useful information.

Every fleet business is different. Your team players may differ from your competitors, but there are some similar objectives. Getting your team to meet these objectives helps ensure a smoother transition to an electrified fleet.

Fleet Operators

Your fleet operator is responsible for logistics. It typically includes procuring fleet vehicles, regulating their use, and setting the budget.

The fleet operations team ensures fleet vehicles comply with regulations. They also manage repairs and maintenance.

Your fleet team works closely with the facilities team and your charging partner. The goal is to ensure the electrification solutions match the needs of your business. These solutions include the following.

Regulatory Compliance

Vehicle regulations vary by state, county, and municipality. The federal government also has specific requirements.

Fleet operators ensure their vehicles are compliant with all regulations.

Vehicle Uptime

A non-working vehicle can cost your company thousands of dollars a day. To keep vehicles on the road, fleet operators maximize the uptime.

Uptime is when a vehicle is not in use. During the scheduled off time, fleet operators take care of routine maintenance and repairs.

Daily Usage

Fleet operators are always looking for ways to maximize vehicle longevity. Their goal is to increase the company’s profit margin while lowering operating costs.

It requires efficient driver routes through careful planning and scheduling.

Apogee Charging Solutions offers one of the most advanced EV charging operating systems on the market today. Our OS offers customizations geared towards the fleet industry that seamlessly integrates with your current fleet operation practices. Click here to schedule a call or demo.

EV Charger Solution Provider

Fleet operations teams working closely with their EV charger solution provider can help business owners and managers make smart decisions about electrification costs.

For example, your fleet manager may worry about the costs associated with charging along the route. Overnight charging infrastructure onsite may be the best solution. Your charging partner can help you make the right decisions for your fleet.

Some of our solutions include

  • Top-rated networked hardware that meets reliability standards.
  • A cloud-based software program ensures the charging infrastructure is not exceeding grid and facility restraints, while also charging vehicles at the lowest price.
  • Customized reporting design for your specific fleet
  • Intelligent energy management software
  • Peak-hour energy adjustments


Most facilities opt for onsite charging. It allows fleet operators to maximize uptime and ensures vehicles are ready for drivers’ routes.

Your facilities team can provide information on how installing charging infrastructure may impact the site. You may need to upgrade the facility’s power capacity to support the charging stations.

Installing charging stations in facilities is a large project. Working with your charging partner will ensure a smooth transition process.

Solutions From Your Charging Partner

Apogee Charging Solutions offers these benefits to our partners.

  • Years of experience assessing site and charging station design. We can manage every aspect of the process from engineering and permits to construction and verification.
  • We offer a mix of charging solutions to fit any size fleet
  • We provide a comprehensive assessment of fleet charging costs
  • We coordinate with local utilities and authorities, so you don’t have to

There are different needs depending upon the type of fleet you are operating. In, Critical Components of any Fleet Charging Solution, we review the different types of chargers, charging management, as well as the advanced automated tools you will find in our operating system.


Your finance team needs to approve the fleet transition costs. They need information on installation expenses, along with the fuel and maintenance savings potentials. Electric fleets also come with sustainable benefits. These include,

  • Lower vehicle maintenance and fuel costs. Electric vehicles are significantly less expensive to power and maintain than fossil-fuel-powered vehicles.
  • You can save on installation costs with rebates and other financial incentives at local, state, and federal levels.

Other benefits to fleet electrification include more stable fuel costs. Gasoline prices tend to be volatile, while electricity costs are more stable. Early fleet electrification also ensures your vehicles meet all state emission requirements.


Sustainability is a driving force behind fleet electrification. The transportation industry is responsible for a majority of carbon emissions. Transitioning to electric vehicles dramatically reduces pollution, and it’s something your team looks at using a data-driven approach.

By documenting your fleet emissions, you can predict how low pollution rates will fall by switching to electric vehicles.

Fleet electrification has an enormous effect on your community. Reducing carbon emissions immediately improves air quality.

Some states like California are enacting measures aimed at reducing carbon emissions. It’s something else you want your sustainability to track to ensure your fleet stays in compliance.

C-Suite Executives

The decision-making process starts and ends here. Your teams have compiled the data and shown the benefits of fleet electrification.

As states and the federal government roll out new laws regarding emissions, it’s time to start thinking about creating a more sustainable future.

Consumers are looking for companies with green initiatives, and fleet electrification is a great way to show you are taking action to help meet environmental goals.

Are You Ready to Transition to an Electric Fleet?

You may have questions about the costs or if your grid can support fleet electrification. We can help you transition smoothly to an electric fleet.

Contact us today and see how we can help your business meet its sustainability goals. To speak with an Apogee Charging Solutions expert about fleet electrification, call 484-816-2076, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your need by clicking the button below.


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