Critical Components of any Fleet EV Charging Solution

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More and more organizations are transitioning away from fossil-fuel-powered vehicles to electric fleets. However, the decision to make the switch also means organizations need to start planning their charging infrastructure.

To ensure smooth operations, organizations must have a comprehensive fleet EV charging solution. Let’s take a look at the critical components necessary for a successful fleet EV charging solution.

Fleet EV Charging for Different Types of Vehicles

Different types of electric fleets have various charging needs. It also applies to the vehicles’ daily routes. Analyzing these requirements will make it easier to implement a fleet EV charging solution that keeps drivers on the road.

  • Employee vehicles, company and personal, require on-site charging. It is often provided as an employee perk.
  • Workforce fleets either charge on-site or go home with employees at the end of their shifts. Businesses often reimburse employees for electrical usage at home.
  • Delivery vehicles typically have a range between 200 km to 400 km. Charging times often require tight scheduling to ensure the vehicles leave on time.
  • Municipal vehicles are often larger fleets comprised of different types of electric cars, vans, and trucks. Managing fleet EV charging is crucial to support the various vehicles, even when they are not all at the depot at the same time.
  • Public transportation includes buses and taxis. Buses will often charge overnight before the early morning routes. Taxis, privately and company-owned can charge in between fares. Some cities, like London, are installing EV chargers for taxis to use during their shifts.
  • Car sharing services are primarily short-term rentals. These vehicles require charging at their drop-off spots.
  • Long-haul vehicles are still in their beginning stages. However, as technology advances the electric fleets will need a robust charging infrastructure to ensure they can complete their routes. It includes technologies to increase charging speeds and balance electrical demands.

Organizations with predictable routes and schedules will find it easier to anticipate their fleet’s charging needs.

Apogee Charging Solutions offers both level 2 AC chargers and level 3 DC chargers to support our clients needs. No matter your organizations needs we can customize a solution to fit your business goals.

The Facets of EV Fleet Charging Management

Fleet electrification has several components beyond installing and maintaining chargers. Organizations also need a robust back-end system to provide owners and operators with advanced tools that can monitor the fleet’s status. They also need access to reports and analytics in real-time, along with being able to remotely diagnose and resolve charging issues.

An advanced fleet EV charging solution will also lower costs associated with purchasing and maintaining electric vehicles and charging stations.

Advanced and Automated Tools for Fleet EV Charging

A comprehensive fleet EV charging operating system will keep managers and owners informed on all aspects of the charging infrastructure which include,

  • An easily navigable portal capable of supporting changing fleet sizes, tracking charging at work and home, and providing owners and operators with advanced tools capable of managing drivers’ charging needs.
  • Allow managers to prioritize charging based on business needs and energy sources.
  • Have auto-fix capabilities and proactive maintenance algorithms to ensure chargers are functioning optimally.

Energy Management

You want to create an energy management solution that considers energy levels and peak-load increases. It will help you determine if upgrades are necessary to your current electric infrastructure.

The solution will also allow you to prioritize your fleet’s charging schedule based on the vehicle’s tasks.

Tools for Drivers

Driver satisfaction is crucial for successful fleet electrification. A robust fleet EV charging system will provide drivers with tools allowing them to reserve charging times. It will also tie them into the operating system providing them with access to other tools designed to improve their experience behind the wheel.

Final Thoughts

All businesses need a fleet EV charging operating system that works with drivers and the electrical grid. Whether you have questions about the efficiency of your current fleet EV charging operating system or need assistance implementing one at your workplace, we are here to help.

Contact us today to learn more about fleet electrification. Call 484-816-2076, emailing [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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