Common Fleet Electrification Problems with Solutions

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Consumers are coming on board as the EV revolution continues to gain momentum. Trading in a gas-powered SUV for a electric car or truck is relatively easy, especially with the growing availability of private and public charging stations. It’s a little different when you are talking about fleet electrification. Not only do fleet vehicles have schedules, but routine maintenance is also a priority. Fleet owners and operators also need to consider infrastructure, charging stations, and a backend operating system. While fleet electrification problems can seem overwhelming, there are solutions.

Fleet Electrification Problems and Solutions

Here are some common problems fleet owners and operators often face and potential solutions to make it easier to switch to electric vehicles.

Operating Costs

Operating costs are a primary concern when organizations are considering fleet electrification. Between purchasing electric vehicles and installing the infrastructure, costs can quickly add up. However, there are two points to consider.

Total Ownership Cost

Electric vehicles come at a higher price point, but it’s also offset by a few advantages. Fuel and maintenance costs are lower. Organizations can also take advantage of EV charging grants and rebates.

EV Charging Grants and Rebates

Organizations can find EV charging grants and rebates at the state and federal levels. These grants and rebates can help cover everything from vehicle costs to infrastructure installation.

Apogee Charging Solutions offers grant writing and rebate management services to our clients. To speak with one of our EV charging grant writers or rebate and incentive specialists, click here to schedule a call.

Maintenance Costs

Electric vehicles are cheaper to maintain than gas-powered fleets. The engines have fewer components than combustible engines. Over time, you will see a significant decrease in your maintenance budget, making an electric fleet a more affordable option.

Lower maintenance costs extend to the charging infrastructure. Most AC and DC charging stations require little to no maintenance. Once the charger is installed and connected to the internet, its backend operating system takes care of most maintenance issues.

EV Fleet Range and Use

Using a high-powered DC fast charging station can increase an electric vehicle’s range. However, is it enough to cover the route on a single charge or do you need to plan for recharging at a public station?

To learn the fleet vehicle’s estimated range, owners and operators can take two steps.

Plan Your Routes

Auditing your routes lets you know if the EV will need to stop for recharging. Pay attention to the terrain. Uphill routes will use more energy and it affects the vehicle’s average mileage per charge. You may also want to look at hybrid fleet vehicles for use on longer routes.

Know the Vehicle’s Limits

Different types of electric fleet vehicles vary in range. A Mercedes Benz EQS can get up to 340 miles per charge while Amazon’s electric Rivian vans can cover around 150 miles. Ford and Canoo also have electric fleet vehicles with varying ranges. Do your research to ensure you are purchasing the right electric fleet vehicles to manage your routes.

Charger Downtime

You don’t want chargers with a lot of downtime. It’s a waste of money. However, it’s not a problem with our EV OS. It is an automated system that updates, diagnoses issues, and recovers without assistance, keeping the chargers running without unnecessary downtime.

Make the Switch to Fleet Electrification Today

Switching to an electric fleet can seem cost prohibitive. However, EV charging grants and rebates can make it more affordable. To speak with one of our fleet electrification specialists, call 484-816-2076, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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