Are There Benefits to Having EV Chargers on Campus

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Electric vehicles are no longer an oddity. Their popularity is soaring, and EV chargers are popping up at restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, and parking garages to name a few places. You can even find EV chargers at some major gas stations.

EV chargers on school campuses are also becoming standard, and the units also come with a few benefits.

Benefits of Having EV Chargers on Campus

There are several benefits associated with EV chargers on campus. Some are obvious, while other advantages may be a little surprising.

Students and Faculty

The heart of any university or college is its students and staff. The campus doesn’t exist without its personnel and student body. Did you know that 63% of millennials will probably consider purchasing an EV as their next vehicle? Generation Z drivers also aren’t far behind. It means your chargers on campus will see plenty of use.

Not only can students and faculty charge their EVs while they’re on campus, but the university is also reducing its carbon footprint. How active a college or university is in sustainability often affects students’ decisions to attend the higher-learning center.

Educational Opportunities

Having EV chargers on campus presents plenty of educational opportunities. Students can learn about sustainability and become part of a campuswide green initiative. Students from multiple disciplines that include engineering, environmental science, city planning, and tech all benefit from learning more about EV chargers and the installation process.

EV Chargers on Campus Benefit the Community

Transportation is responsible for around 30% of greenhouse gas emissions, according to the EPA. Installing chargers on campus is an effective way for schools to signal that they care about the environment.

Reducing transportation emissions improves the health of everyone in the community. Schools can also open the chargers up to the public. Visitors and the community can use the EV chargers for a fee. Funds collected from the chargers can help offset installation costs and help support other campus programs.

Chargers on Campus Are Surprisingly Affordable

Along with charging the public to use campus EV chargers, colleges and universities can also take advantage of state and federal financial incentives. Utility providers also offer rebates that can help mitigate installation expenses.

If your campus is ready to install EV chargers, we can help with everything from the placement to finding all applicable rebates. Contact us today so we can work towards a more sustainable future.

To speak with an Apogee Charging Solutions expert about EV charging stations for your campus, call 484-816-2076, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs.


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