5 EV Charging Options for Apartment Tenants

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Are you considering buying an electric vehicle but living in an apartment complex? While some multifamily complexes offer EV charging, this may not apply to yours. Thankfully, apartment dwellers have EV charging options beyond their complex. Here’s a look at how you can keep your electric vehicle charged when you can’t plug in at home.

EV Charging Options for Apartment Residents


1.  Take Advantage of Workplace Charging

More and more businesses are offering EV charging as an amenity for their employees. You can plug your vehicle in and let it charge while you’re working. Since most businesses choose to install Level 2 chargers, you can fully charge your battery during your eight-hour workday. Most Level 2 chargers can fully charge a battery in around 5 to 8 hours.

If your workplace isn’t offering EV charging, there’s still hope. Talk about the benefits of installing charging stations in your HR department. Don’t forget to mention the various financial incentives your company can take advantage of by offering workplace charging.

2. Use Public Charging Stations

You will pay a fee to use a public EV charging station, but it is typically less expensive than a tank of gas. Businesses from malls and shopping centers to restaurants and service stations are installing Level 2 and Level 3 chargers. The charging stations are also popping up along busy traffic corridors, almost ensuring there is a public charging station near your location.

Not sure how to find a public charging station? Don’t worry. You can take advantage of various apps for iOS and Android phones that will pinpoint available public chargers within a set mileage range. Some apps will even let you book a charging time so you can skip to the front of the line.

Apogee Charging Solutions offers a turn-key EV charging solution that can be customized to fit your facility’s needs. Whether it be an apartment or condo building, workplace charging, education, or even at home chargers, we have got you covered. Schedule a call with one of our experts today

3. Plug into a Wall Outlet

If you have access to a 120-volt outlet and a heavy-duty electric cord, you can easily charge your EV almost anywhere you are allowed. Don’t just plug into any outlet, make sure it is legal and you have permission. If it’s an outlet in your apartment, get permission from the complex manager or owner.

This charging method typically means using a Level 1 charger. You get around 20 to 50 miles of range for every hour your vehicle is plugged in. If you have a short daily commute, this option may work for you.

4. Ask Your Apartment Complex to Install EV Charging Stations

EV chargers are becoming more common in apartment complexes for a variety of reasons. Some states have Right to Charge laws, and apartment managers are also using charging stations to attract and retain tenants.

Some charging station suppliers will work with the apartment complex. They will handle everything from installing the chargers to the operation and maintenance aspects. Apartment complexes can also take advantage of financial incentives that can help offset the initial costs.

Don’t forget to remind your complex manager about the potential revenue stream EV chargers can bring. MUDs can charge separate fees for residents and visitors.

5. Consider Moving to Another Apartment Complex

If you want to purchase an EV and are worried about charging opportunities at home. You may want to consider moving to an apartment complex that offers EV charging as an amenity or for a fee. Moving is rarely fun, but it may also be your best EV charging option.

Talk To Apogee Charging Solutions About EV Charging

Is your apartment complex or workplace considering installing EV charging stations? Talk to Apogee Charging Solutions about your options. We can help with every stage of the project from the planning stages to the final installation. We can also help you find and apply for financial incentives. To speak with one of our EV charging specialists, call 484-816-2076, email [email protected], or schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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