Toyota Attempts to Replicate Manual Gear Shift in EVs

by | Jul 6, 2023 | 0 comments |

Toyota engineers are experimenting with an electric vehicle that has the feeling of a manual transmission. According to the patent filed in May, the cars would not have an actual multi-speed transmission but would have a shift connected to a programmer that mimics manual transmissions feelings and sounds. There will be different engines with different types of transmissions and gears. The vehicles will also have a clutch pedal along with the brake and accelerator. The electric vehicles will be able to switch in and out of the manual mode at the driver’s control.

Contrary to popular myths, EVs do have transmissions and gears but do not have the same type of transmissions that gas powered engines do. Transmissions are the part of the car that sends power (torque) to make the wheels move. Electric vehicles are able to produce torque in the engine almost instantly and typically have one gear. They can smoothly change speeds without the need for multiple gears.  Internal combustion engines have multiple gears depending on the vehicle. They also operate either manually or automatically. Manual gear shift means you have to change gears whenever you change speed and in an automatic gear shift, the vehicle does it on its own.

Click here to read the full article, originally published June 19, 2023, by CNN.


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