Top Businesses Driving Commercial Fleet Electrification in the U.S.

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Choosing to electrify your commercial fleet is a large-scale process. However, ten companies are taking the lead and showing other businesses how to successfully transition from fossil-fuel-powered trucks and cars to electric vehicles (EVs).

Paying attention to how these organizations completed their fleet electrification process will help other companies successfully make the switch to EVs. Here’s a brief look at the ten organizations electrifying their commercial fleets.

Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport owns one of the largest commercial electric fleets in the United Kingdom. The fleet includes 50 Jaguar I-PACEs capable of providing the airport with an estimated 1,000 chauffeur-driven rides. Electric vehicles are also being employed on runaways to support and assist in ground operational tasks.


BrightDrop, a General Motors-owned business, is helping FedEx meet its commercial fleet electrification goals. The delivery giant is using electric vehicles for the last stage of their logistics operations. BrightDrop delivered 150 of its Zevo 600 model EVs in 2022 and is planning to add another 2,500 electric vehicles.

Duke Energy

The utility firm is working to help cities and businesses meet their fleet electrification goals. Duke Energy’s subsidiary firm has supported the installation of 600 EV chargers in 2022. It is also supporting the electrification of public transportation systems through its eTransEnergy business.


One of the highest-valued supply chain companies in the world, DHL is a public advocate for sustainability. The supply chain company is partnering with Eviation to electrify DHL’s air freight. The company also rolled out 270 electric vans in 2022 to complete last-mile deliveries. Along with electric vans, DHL is also adopting the use of 11,000 electric scooters for a fleet with 20% of its vehicles powered by electricity.

Consumers Energy

US Consumers Energy is a Michigan-based company known for its commercial electric fleet and the support it provides to businesses and individuals ready to transition to EVs. By 2030, the company aims for 30% of its light-duty fleet to be comprised of electric vehicles. The electric provider is also pledging to only purchase EVs by 2030.


The telecommunications giant, Comcast has one of the largest operating electric fleets operating under Xfinity. The organization is working to reduce tailpipe emissions and achieve a net-zero rating. By 2030, Comcast plans for 30% of its commercial fleet to rely on electric power.

Cliff Bar & Company

Cliff Bar & Company is a member of the EV100 initiative to shift to e-mobility by 2030. Along with commercial fleet electrification, the company is also providing incentives for the purchase of electric and commuter bikes to their employees. The company is working to switch additional vehicles to plug-in hybrid models.


The company is working to reduce carbon from its cement products, and even eliminate carbon when possible. Through a partnership with Volvo Construction Equipment and Volvo Trucks, CEMEX is also adopting electricity vehicles to transition out heavy goods haulers and machinery.


AT&T is another communications industry leader transitioning to electric fleets. Since 2008 the organization has been reducing its commercial fleet emissions by 332,658 metric tons of CO2e. Downsizing its fleet and adding hybrid electric vehicles is helping the company meet its sustainability goals.


Partnering with Rivian is allowing Amazon to be a leader in sustainable practices. Rivian is expected to deliver around 100,000 electric delivery vehicles in the coming years to add to Amazon’s already expansive commercial electric fleet.

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