Need To Know EV Charging Facts – 2021

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EV charging is making rapid advancements, but where does it stand? Let’s take a look at where we are with EV charging in 2021.

A Quick Recap of EV Charging History

Electric vehicles aren’t new, even if you are only now learning about the technology. In the late 1800s fleets of electric cars were a common sight on city streets. The vehicles were easier to start than fuel-powered vehicles. You didn’t need to wind the crank up to get the motor going.

Fast Charging EVs

EV technology is advancing at a fast pace. Electric vehicles can cover 400km before needing to stop for a charge. Vehicle charging times are also decreasing. At a rate above 200kW, it only takes minutes to fully charge an EV battery.

Level 1 electric vehicle charging at home take 7kW through an AC home charger. Newer models will take on more, further shortening the charging time.

DC fast charging is the future of EVs. While rates over 50kW are impressive, Tesla and Hyundai have EV models that take up to 230kW. With consumers clamoring for faster-charging speeds, Hummer is stepping up with a 200kWh battery. Its charging speeds are over 300kW. Electric ferries are going further with 1MW.

High Powered EV Charging Units

EV charging infrastructure needs to keep up with the battery’s capabilities. The latest chargers are capable of delivering 350kW and are being installed in service stations. Hubs capable of simultaneously charging multiple EVs in minutes are becoming the norm. To keep up with the demand, a robust power grid is also necessary.

Our Exceed DC Fast Charging line offers true simultaneous changing, unlike most changes that only operate on a single charging module. To learn more about our Exceed DC Fast Chargers and simultaneous changing, read our in-depth blog on the subject by clicking here.

EV Charging in Motorsports

Formula One technology often sets the standards, and then we see the advancements appearing in passenger vehicles. It previously applied to fuel-powered vehicles, and now we are seeing it in consumer electric vehicles.

Full-electric motorsports include the new series of off-road SUVs. The vehicles’ dual electric motors are capable of producing 400kW from the 54kWh batteries. These EVs race in extreme conditions around the world, and EV technology is advancing to ensure these vehicles have the extended power they need in areas with little to no charging infrastructure.

EV Charging Networks

Charging networks are also advancing, with companies like Tesla and Noodoe leading the way. Both companies are known for their superb software and fast charging hardware. We are also seeing major boosts to the Supercharger network. It’s user-friendly, dependable, and installation is occurring in multiple public places. With the EV charging networks advancing, drivers will have the confidence they need to take their electric vehicles farther.

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Support from Governmental EV Policies

The public is embracing EVs, but support from governments and global corporations is needed. We need their support to install charging infrastructure across the county. It includes installing charging stations in public places like hotels, banks, shopping centers, and service stations.

Additional Support

Electric vehicles and charging stations are part of a large ecosystem. EVs aren’t only for private citizens, companies are making plans to transition their fleets to electric vehicles. School buses can use green energy to charge their batteries at night. It doesn’t overtax the power grid, and the buses are ready for the school day in the morning.

EV Charging with Apogee Charging Solutions

EV charging is making advancements, and 2021 is proof. We are excited about what changes and innovations are coming in the future and look forward to hearing your thoughts. What do you think about the state of electric vehicles? What are your concerns? Contact us and start a conversation.

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