By 2050, it’s estimated over one-third of all vehicles will be electric. Many universities and colleges are in the planning stages or are implementing EV charging on campus. The electric vehicle charging equipment (EVSE) is being installed for use by students, faculty, campus fleets and visitors. Some units are also available for public use.

Implementing EV Charging on Campus

University and college campuses are community centers. Everything from concerts, festivals, meetings, plays, and political gathering frequently happen on campus. This wide range of uses make campuses the ideal place to install EV charging stations.

The University of Buffalo (UB) increased the number of charging spots on campus after learning the majority of its carbon emissions are due to gas-powered vehicles commuting to and from the school. By adding 33 EV charging spots, the number of EV drivers commuting to the campus increased by 206% within six months.

Incentives from federal, state, and local programs can help fund some or most fleet electrification and charging station installation.

One example is the state of California that has six boards under the state’s Environmental Protection Agency providing incentives to universities, colleges and universities, and other businesses. Some of the programs include,

Utilities also offer programs that help pay for the purchase and installation of EV chargers.

Offsetting EV Charger Costs

Incentives are not always available in all states or communities; however it is still possible to offset the initial costs. The reduction in fuel and maintenance costs helps the electric vehicles and charging stations pay for themselves within a few years.

Implementing EV charging on campus can come with additional costs. Installing the new infrastructure places an added load on the grid. It may require additional electrical work that can easily become expensive. A campus’s EV installation plan should also account for electrical rates. These rates vary by location and time of day. Using networked software in the EV chargers allows you to track and manage energy usage costs.

Did you know we have a series dedicated to assisting you in developing an EV charging plan. In our EV Charging Infrastructure series we cover, developing a plan, procurement and installation, operation and maintenance, as well as public charging

Become a Connected Community

Campuses are also beginning to partner with governments and other industries to further reduce carbon emissions.

An example is The Ohio State University. The U.S. Department of Energy picked it as a ‘connected community’. The university is creating a microgrid connecting 485 buildings using solar panels, battery storage, and EV charging. Federal funds are helping the university track energy usage with the goal of reducing consumption even further.

What to Consider in an EV Program

Implementing EV charging on campus takes planning. Some considerations include,

Campuses also want to partner with an EV charger expert and we are here to help you through every step of your EV program. Contact us today to learn more!

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