Is There a Ridable Robotic Unicorn?

by | Oct 11, 2021 | 0 comments

I get it. The subject line really got you, because let’s all be honest. We have all dreamed of riding a unicorn. Well, the kids of the future might just get that chance. The next hot Christmas toy isn’t going to be a robotic dog or cat but a unicorn!

The Chinese EV maker Xpeng has been teasing us with a robotic unicorn meant for children to ride for a while now. This amazing take on technology would utilize Xpeng’s experience with EVs, autonomous driving, and AI technology. This product could navigate multiple terrain types, recognize objects and people, and even provide emotional support to children.

Unfortunately for those with visions of prancing on a unicorn into work, this is for children only. The current model being teased is about the size of a child or small pony.

Click here to read the full article posted on September 7, 2021 on Engadget.


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