EV Charging in 2022 – True or False?

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Electric vehicles are the future. Around the world, governments are mandating the end of fossil fuel vehicles. By the year 2025, global EV sales are projected to exceed 10 million.

With the growing popularity of electric vehicles, now is the ideal time to go over what is true versus false when it comes to EV charging in 2022.

It’s Hard to Find EV Charging Stations – True or False?

Charging stations are no longer an anomaly in parking lots and at gas stations. EV infrastructure is also getting a major boost from the Build Back Better bill.

Along with parking lots, garages, and filling stations, EV chargers are also at,

  • multifamily residences and condos
  • workplaces
  • health care & medical facilities
  • schools & universities
  • airports
  • auto dealers
  • hotels
  • mixed-use municipal locations
  • parks and recreation areas
  • religious institutions
  • restaurants
  • retail stores
  • stadiums
  • supermarkets
  • transportation hubs

The EV network isn’t only for commercial settings, it also covers residential charging. Mobile apps connect you to the EV network so you can easily find charging stations. You can even schedule your turn at the charger with some robust EV networks.

Apogee Charging Solutions offers customized EV charging solutions for MUDs, Businesses, Educational Facilities, Fleets both large and small, and many other organizational types. We even offer home chargers that our electricians can install for you! You can find your industry here, and start learning more about EV charging for your organization.

Electric Vehicles Include Sports Cars and Trucks – True or False?

Ford is releasing the Mustang Mach E for electric drivers that want speed and power. The Mach E can go from 0 to 60mph in only 3.5 seconds. It also has an average range of 314 miles per charge.

The F-150 Lightning is a sleek pickup truck whose durability and endurance rivals gas-powered vehicles. It can also do something vehicles with combustible engines can’t do. The powerful EV battery can even keep the electricity running at home during a power failure.

Ford is only one of several vehicle manufacturers that are releasing sporty and workhorse EVs.

EV Batteries are Bad for the Environment

An EV battery does have a few environmental concerns. Lithium-ion batteries do contain rare earth materials. Issues with how the minerals are mined are also a concern. However, any environmental impact is noticeably less than it is for fossil fuels.

EV battery technology is constantly advancing. NASA and Nissan are partnering to create a solid-state battery. They are working to remove rare earth materials like nickel and cobalt.

While solid-state EV batteries are a few years off, the technology will result in cheaper-priced EVs.

With expanding infrastructure, new vehicle models, and advancing battery technology, the future of EV charging in 2022 is looking bright!

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