EV Charger Supporting Equipment – Pedestals, Cable Management, and More!

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When you are installing EV charging stations, you want to consider three things. They are the charging hardware, management software, and peripherals. Charging station managers pay a lot of attention to the hardware and software, but what about peripherals? It’s the accessories that support the EV charging environment and includes items like pedestals, internet support, and cable management systems.

Here’s a look at the peripherals you may want or need to consider.

EV Charger Pedestals

Not all EV charger pedestals are equal. As you are comparing the various options, consider factors like durability, aesthetics, and modularity.


EV charger pedestals must be able to withstand various weather conditions, especially when located outside. It includes standing firm in wind and rain, along with functioning properly in heat and freezing temperatures. Our stainless steel pedestals are weatherproof. When correctly installed, the chargers can also withstand wind speeds up to 90 miles per hour.


The pedestal’s design shouldn’t take attention away from the EV charger. It’s the most important component and the one EV drivers care about. While there is nothing wrong with choosing a pedestal with an attractive design, you also want it to have a low profile. Paying attention to the aesthetics can help ensure the pedestal looks great for years.


Depending on the EV charger pedestal, you can mount it on the wall, in two parking spaces, or down a row. Standard pedestals are typically wall mounted. It’s an efficient option in smaller spaces. Using a double-angle mount allows you to install the charger between two parking spaces. The mount holds two chargers, each angled towards a specific parking spot. Back-to-back pedestals are a good option when you want to allow vehicles to charge on both sides. Commonly placed down a row, EVs can park on both sides of the charger.

To view our full line of EV charger pedestals check out our supporting equipment page. We cover our 3 different pedestals and provide key features and specifications so you can fit your pedestal to meet your goals. 

Accessories for Pedestals

Most EV charger pedestals do not include accessories, but our supporting equipment goes further. Whether it’s cable management or internet access, our accessories easily slide on and work seamlessly with the pedestals.

EV Charger Cable Management

Not everyone remembers to put the cables away after charging. If you don’t want the cables lying on the ground, you need a management system. You have two options and each one is effective. The primary difference is one uses moving parts.

Cable Retractors

Cable retractors use moving parts. They keep EV charging cables off the ground and protect them from potential damage. You can find them with a single or double construction. The right type for you depends on the number of chargers mounted on a pedestal. While cable retractors are sleek and take up less visual space, the moving parts require some routine maintenance.

High Point Cable Management

A high-point cable management system is simpler since it does not use moving parts. It keeps your cables off the ground, and you don’t need to worry about maintenance.

EV Charger Gateway

Some EV chargers come equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. It means there’s nothing else for you to do for the chargers to access the internet. Chargers without onboard Wi-Fi may want to learn more about using a Gateway. The devices replace traditional routers and connect to the top of the pedestal. It’s a one-step installation process that gives you immediate internet access.

Learn More About EV Charger Supporting Equipment

Installing EV chargers isn’t necessarily difficult, but it does require planning. If you have questions about your installation or need supporting equipment, contact one of our experts today. Call 484-816-2076, email [email protected], or you can schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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