Tax credits and new vehicle models are accelerating EV adoption across the country. Are your multi-unit dwellings (MUD) ready?

Some states like California are requiring all new cars and light-duty trucks sold in the state be electric by 2035. Other states are considering following this guideline, meaning MUD residents will want the convenience of charging at home.

Wondering what else is driving this trend to electric vehicle adoption? According to the MUD consulting firm Caryatid Consulting, Sue Vickery points to three primary factors.

  1. A rapid flood of new EV vehicle models.
  2. Commitments from major auto manufacturers to phase out gasoline-fueled automobiles in the future.
  3. Incentives at the federal, state, local, and utility levels.

EV Adoption in MUDs

With close to twenty automakers producing or planning to produce electric vehicles, drivers have multiple make and model options. More MUD owners and managers are reporting seeing EVs in their parking lots.

However, some MUD owners point to the high purchasing price for an electric vehicle. These prices are expected to decrease, and it is helping to overcome the hesitancy of EV adoption. Even drivers of gas-powered vehicles are beginning to consider either a hybrid or EV. With incentives helping to offset purchasing costs, adopting an EV is becoming more attractive to consumers.

While we hear a lot of talk about incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles, trying to find incentives for purchasing and installing EV chargers can be a lot more difficult. In our latest blog, we provide a state-by-state breakdown of incentives, tax credits, and rebates offered through the NEVI programs.

MUD Charging Infrastructure

A surprising number of MUDs do not have charging infrastructure. However, it is becoming something a growing number of residents look for.

A Trammell Crow Residential survey found an estimated one-quarter of MUD residents consider EV charging availability was a major consideration when choosing a complex.

Installing MUD charging infrastructure is expensive, but tax credits and other incentives can dramatically lower the costs. MUDs can also use the chargers as an income stream by assessing a few for charging.

Burkentine Real Estate Group is a Hanover, PA property developer and manager who decided on early EV adoption in its MUDs. The EV chargers are grouped in the multi-family complexes and also placed in front of townhome garages.

The developer notes unit and infrastructure costs ranging from $15,000 to $30,000. However, rebates, credits, and other incentives are helping to offset the costs.

The company states, “Our goal is to equip these new communities with charging stations in designated areas spread out throughout the community for tenants to charge their vehicles.”

Best Practices for EV Adoption in MUDs

MUD charging infrastructure requires planning. Some tips include,

  • Developers of new properties should plan to add at least one two-car charger per garage level or garden-style apartment building.
  • Installing additional electrical conduits to power and support future EV chargers is essential to meet expanding electrical demand
  • Planning for single-user chargers in an assigned garage or parking spaces, could have a higher price point. Consider shared charging as an alternative option.
  • Companies retrofitting their properties for EV chargers should carefully consider the chargers’ placement in order to minimize installation costs, as well as surface versus garage locations.

EV Chargers for MUDs in 2023

Installing EV chargers on MUD properties is expensive, but it is also necessary to stay competitive. More residents are looking for MUDs that offer EV charging.

We understand the MUD struggle when starting EV adoption to stay competitive in the rental market. We have dedicated EV charger experts that specialize in MUD installations. To speak with one today call 484-816-2076, email [email protected], or you can schedule a call that fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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