Electric Vehicles Could Act as a Backup Power Supply

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New technology is being created for EV charging stations to have bidrectional capabilities. Bidrectional charging stations mean that electricity can be taken from the electric vehicle and put back into the house through the EV charging station. Essentially, this technology was created so an electric vehicle could be used as an emergency back-up power source for homes. An electric vehicle can return the energy to the home during emergencies to keep lights and appliances available. Plus, energy can be returned for extra credits or refunds. It also goes by the name vehicle-to-grid (V2G).  Some companies have created charging stations that are V2G but are significantly more expensive than other models on the market. Engineers are designing these new charging stations to be compatible with any EV model.

This technology is designed for EV drivers with charging stations within a single-family home. Some homeowners are opting to install EV charging stations at their residences to add convenience to their charging. If they have a charging station at home, they can leave their cars to power overnight rather than worry or rush to find places to stop and charge before, during or after work.

Installing an EV charging station at home is not always a simple process. First, the home’s electrical needs to capable of handling an EV charging station. There also has to be space in a driveway or garage for the charging station infrastructure to be installed. Single family homes typically have level 2 EV charging stations. Level 2 stations are perfect for charging over long periods of time and don’t have the energy consumption fast charging stations do, making them perfect for at-home charging.

Click here to read the full article, originally published February 22, 2023, by North Bay Business Journal.


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