6 Reasons for Fleet Electrification

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Transitioning to an electric fleet is a big decision. There are costs associated with fleet electrification that can cause concerns for businesses of any size. But with emission regulations continuing to change and fuel prices rising, more companies are looking at the advantages of going electric.

6 Fleet Electrification Incentives

If you are still unsure if fleet electrification is the right more for your business, here are six reasons why it makes sense.

1. Reduce Maintenance Costs

Gas and diesel-powered vehicles come with combustible engines. It means a lot of components that need to function optimally. Electric vehicles have fewer engine components, and it means fewer maintenance and repair sessions.

2. Less Dependency on Oil

Oil prices are volatile. When prices are low, businesses aren’t worried about oil prices. However, when prices go up it becomes a concern. Fleet electrification ensures you don’t have to worry about rising fuel costs. The electricity market is more stable, meaning you save money even when oil prices rise.

3. EVs are Better for the Environment

The majority of consumers expect the brands they do business with to be environmentally conscious. Transitioning to an electric fleet shows that your company is working towards a sustainable future. EVs are not only cleaner to drive, but their production also results in fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

If you are a smaller fleet looking for a place to start your fleet electrification journey, then we suggest reading; Electrifying Fleets – A Starting Place for Small Fleets. In this blog we take a look at sustainability, emissions, future proofing your fleet, and range anxiety as it pertains to small fleets.

4. Sustainable Transportation Solution

Your electric fleet is not reliant on fossil fuels. Instead, the vehicles run on rechargeable batteries. EVs are always powered by clean energy, making them less expensive to operate and maintain than gas-powered vehicles.

5. Limit Noise Pollution

Noise pollution from fleets can be a problem in some communities. Switching to an electric fleet reduces noise pollution, making businesses a better friend to the communities they work in and serve.

6. Electric Fleet Incentives

Fleet electrification can come with tax credits and other financial incentives. The federal government is offering a tax credit to businesses that purchase electric vehicles. Some states and cities are also offering additional financial incentives.

Transitioning to an Electric Fleet with Apogee Charging Solutions

EV sales are predicted to account for over 50% of vehicles on the road by 2040. There is a strong future in fleet electrification, and it makes sense to get started now.

Contact one of Apogee Charging Solutions’ EV charger experts today and see how we can help you start transitioning your fleet to electric. Call 484-816-2076, email [email protected], or schedule a call this fits your needs by clicking the button below.


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