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Apogee Charging Solutions offers a national EV charging solution tailored to your unique needs. With our dedicated electricians located across the United States, we can offer our clients one of the fastest EV charging installation process of any national provider. We understand the challenges facing organizations looking to advance their EV charging goals. From electrical infrastructure concerns and installation challenges, to financing, incentives, and grant writing, we offer a fully turn-key EV charging solution that fits the needs of our clients.

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Our EV Charger Operating System Makes All The Difference

Your EV charging operating system is the most important part of any EV charging operation. No matter if you have two chargers or 200 chargers, your operating system is the backbone of your network. Apogee Charging Solutions offers one of the most advanced operating systems on the market today. Our cloud-based autonomous system acts as the central brain of your charging network and handles your entire operation.

EV Charging Solutions for Everyone

No EV charging solution is ever exactly the same. Different organizations have different needs and your EV charging solution should be tailored to fit your unique challenges. Do you need an electrical upgrade before installing your EV chargers? Do you need trenching and road work done to accommodate your charging units? What if you have deeded parking spaces? How do you monitor electrical usage for multi-family dwellings? Or what if you need additional support for you operating system configuration?

These are just a few scenarios where a customized EV charging solution is necessary. Apogee Charging Solutions is a national turn-key EV charging company that offers an all-in-one solution that fits the needs of our clients. Find a solution that fits your needs below.

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EV Charging Educational Blog

A Look at 4 EV Charger Benefits for Dealerships

A Look at 4 EV Charger Benefits for Dealerships

Consumer Reports states over 70 percent of drivers are interested in purchasing an electric vehicle (EV) in the future. However, the survey indicates two factors are holding these drivers back. Drivers have questions about electric vehicles due to a lack of knowledge...

Initial EV Charging Access Solutions for MUDs

Initial EV Charging Access Solutions for MUDs

On-site charging is the primary solution for MUDs, but it’s also important to have alternatives. These include publicly owned chargers, workplace charging, multi-use charging stations, and specific-use charging infrastructure. Additional research is necessary to learn...

EV News from Around the World

What is the Cost of Charging Your EV

What is the Cost of Charging Your EV

When buying a new vehicle, one of the first thoughts is how much is it going to cost to fuel the car. The cost of fueling an EV is not going to be as simple as it is for gas vehicles, there are a few factors involved in charging your electric car. Drivers need to...

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